Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes-Friday

--- 1 ---

Oh my, what a week! Glad we survived. Is it just me or are everyone's kids driving them a little bonkers. WOW. Caleb has learned to climb to the top of Alyssa's bunk bed which is super duper scary which means he must be watched ALL THE TIME! He has also been on a screaming tyrade this week. And on top of that Alyssa just loves to get him going. Screaming children make this momma go nuts!

--- 2 ---

This has been Teacher Appreciation Week at Alyssa's school. We have had a lot of fun coming up with little ideas to do each day. This year we had themes for each day and Alyssa really got into what we were doing each day. Monday we brough sweet treats so I found a cute container and filed it with M&M's (Sister PM loves chocolate) and different teacher note pads and stamps. Tuesday was bring May Flowers and I had found cute stationary and book that said Teachers help children bloom. We sent that to school with a bouquet of flowers (Alyssa usually likes to pick a rose from the house, but the recent hail storm changed those plans). Wednesday was Nuts about you day and we sent another cute container with a nutty snack mix. Thursday was gifts around town and we gave a little gift card to a local book/movie store. I also volunteered to make a pie for the teacher's luncheon on Thursday---some times I have pure moments of insanity! Friday--thanks a latte day. I got this great idea from and and created a cute picture using words to describe Sister PM. I printed it out on cardstock and bought a cheap frame to frame it in. Turned out really good. I also had Alyssa write a thank you note and she helped me make a great snack for the teachers lounge.

--- 3 ---

Here is a recipe for a great snack! Peanut Butter Popcorn
1 cup caro syrup
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup peanut butter
2 bags microwaved popcorn

Pop your popcorn and remove any leftover seeds. Bring to boil the caro syrup and brown sugar. Once boiling remove from heat and add in the peanut butter. Pour over your popcorn and stir. Let it dry and enjoy. Got this from Yummy!

--- 4 ---

I have delved back into pinterest this week. I had taken some time off because it was just making me feel sad. There were so many cool things and I wanted to try them all but of course I never have time! I found myself not pinning ideas because I knew I would never have time to get it done. Made me feel like I was in a never ending cycle of business! Someday I will have a spare moment again when I am not too exhausted to do something creative!

--- 5 ---

Soccer ended last weekend. I had a good time "coaching" ( I use this term loosely)them and spending time with those girls. We had a fun party after our last game and presented them with their trophies and medals. They were so proud. We let them sign each others shirts as a momento. Great idea from one of the parents! I must say we have some great kids at St. Marys and WONDERFUL parents! I was blessed to spend this time with them.

--- 6 ---

Just a quick note---loving the new daycare for Caleb. What a great boy he has been this week. I even took him this morning and did not get a cry when I left. I just feel better about where he is and leaving him. I know he is being taken care of and not learning really bad habits. Woohoo! Ms. Kenna rocks!

--- 7 ---

So much for a relaxing Saturday---Alyssa is singing Sat morning at St. Thomas for their First Communion mass(She is skipping dance--her choice!)then she has a birthday party. Meanwhile Stephen is taking pictures for an old friend of mine and her entire family. Looks like I will be taking Caleb with me to the birthday party. Praying for a good boy while we are there.
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