Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Quick Take Friday--vol 2

1. FOOTLOOSE--I am so excited! My mom and Alyssa and I are going to our local theatre to watch Footloose with a friend of mine and her daughter. I have been waiting all season for this show! It is sold out and I am so glad my friend got our tickets early! Way to go Pat! It should be lots of fun for all of us girls! Our local theatre puts on some great shows!  If you have not been to a production by Amarillo Little Theatre--I strongly suggest you check it out.  THey have the list of next seasons shows up and you can get season tickets!

2. It is a drizzly yucky day so I really could of just stayed in bed this morning. Hoping it clears up and the sun comes out today. I have great plans for my afternoon--including a pedicure! WooHoo--Happy Mother's Day to myself! What fun is a new pedicure if you can't wear flip flops or sandals. Go away drizzly rain and come back when I am sleeping!

3. Alyssa gets her dance recital costume tomorrow. It's like Christmas all over again! Can't wait to see what it looks like and see her all dressed up! Ms. Wendy always picks out the cutest recital costumes. 3 more weeks of ballet then summer break! Happiness!

4. Another week of Caleb sleeping through the night! Can I get an Amen?! I don't know what has switched in him, but I am not complaining. The child has had the worst sleeping habits since birth and it just took nearly 2 years to straighten him out! Maybe we will all be a little happier now!

5. Gonna go a little political now....bear with me! President Obama has now changed his position and is supporting gay marriage. Regardless of my personal opinions on the matter...I find it hard to trust ANY politician--Deomocratic or Republican who changes his position on a topic during campaign season. It makes it hard to belive in a candidate if they can't just pick a side and stick with it. It would be more believable if he would have changed his mind before he started campaigning and before his multi million dollar fundraiser in Hollywood. To all candidates---Stand up and fight for what YOU believe in--don't sway from one side to the other to pick up votes and more money.

6. My good friend and co-worker Martha has been involved in a new prison ministry called Brdges to Life for the past 6 weeks or so. It is a great ministry that works with the prisoners on owning up to what they have done and working through the process of forgivness and reconcilliation. The must tell there story to a small group of other prisoners and facilitators and do homwork each week. They also hear stories from victims of crimes so that they can see what their crime does to victims. It was originally intended for prisoners who would be getting out in the next several years. The return rate of prisoners who have gone through the program and got out is very low. Anyway--great program, but she has asked if I would like to go to their graduation in a couple of weeks at the prison. What an honor to be able to witness these guys success at completing a very worthwhile program. I won't lie I am a little lot nervous about going into the prison. I know I have nothing to worry about, but it is just the thought of it and going into an unknown. But I will overcome this fear, because this is something I don't want to miss!

7. I can not believe school will be out in 3 weeks! Yikes it went by way to fast! I shudder at the thought of having a 4th grader! She should still be my sweet little girl going into Kindergarten. Miss those days!

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