Thursday, August 25, 2011


In honor of my upcoming birthday, I thought I would share the 10 best things about my birthday from when I was child until now.  Hope you enjoy!

10.  As a child, we use to always have swimming parties at the City Pool in Hereford in honor of  my sister's  and I's birthday (that doesn't sound right, but I never said I was a writer).  My sister and I have birthdays 12 days apart and we use to always celebrate our birthdays together.  As a child this isn't always the best thing...sharing a birthday with someone and your sister no less.  But, I can remember having sooo much fun at these parties and fondly remember how much fun my dad was swimming with us and jumping off the high dive.  The high dive at the City Pool was pretty awesome.

9.  Having a birthday in the to see my friends that I was missing from school...That was until they moved school starts so far back that I was in school on my birthday (that almost teeters on the bad things about my birthday).

8.  Turning 16 and finally being able to drive. If you haven't heard me complain about it before, I was one of the youngest kids in my class and all of my friends turned 16 before me (MONTHS before me).  I had to bum rides until I started my Junior year of high school!  Double fun..I got the coolest car to drive...does anyone remember????  I think the first night I got to drive all by myself I picked up a few friends and we drove to Sonic and got a Pink Lady to drink.  I haven't had one of those in years!
Sorry..this is the only pic I had of the green  "jeep" with my friend Renee!

7.  Having friends come to my house and celebrating my birthday with my family!  I had some pretty great friends in high school.  Good times!
My 17th birthday at my house with my friends and family!

6.  In the past few years, I have enjoyed celebrating my birthday with friends by going out to eat all together or having them over for dinner.  Whether it was bowling, cramming in my small house,having a lunch date or going out on the town I have some great friends who always seem to make me feel special on my special day.

5.  Homemade birthday cards from my kiddo!  Enough said!

4.  Getting birthday cards in the mail!  Whether it is from my insurance agent or my sweet sister or grandmother, its just fun to get something in the mail that isn't a bill.  Even better when there is a little something special tucked inside!

3.  Getting something special from my hunny!  He always tries to go out of his way to find the perfect gift for me.  He even solicites advice from Alyssa and they usually do a pretty good job.  He always makes me feel special and I can see the time he takes in finding the right gift!  Sometimes I can even con him into cleaning for me and bypassing the gift! XOXOXOXO

2.  This really is my #1 but......The WORLD FAMOUS (really not, but I think it should be)STRAWBERRY CAKE!!!  If you have not tried it you are missing out!!!!  My momma makes me the very best strawberry cake that has a strawberry cream cheese frosting with coconut and nuts!! YUMMY!!!!!!  Can you tell I really like it!  She has made this for me every year since I think I was 17!  I usually try and share..but I am pretty sure I could eat the whole thing by myself!  It is not always the most beautiful cake but I never care what it looks like.  Is it bad to say I would eat it off the floor if I had to?
My Strawberry Cake from 2010!

1.  The best thing about my birthday is having just 1 day the entire year that can and should be all about me.  It should be a day where you feel special..even for a little bit.  People acknowledge you and wish you well.  I have always been very blessed to have great people surronding me on my birthday and wishing me a great year!  Thank you to all my family and friends for always making me feel special...even if it is for only 1 day of the year!!!!

Looking forward to this birthday and many more to come!!!

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