Friday, August 19, 2011


Uniforms have been bought, backpacks have been packed, bedtimes are back to normal...we are back to school!  Alyssa was super excited for her first day of 3rd grade and for a new teacher. 

This year we have nuns teaching in our Catholic School (I know you are thinking well of course you do) but we have not had any nuns teaching there for quite some time.  Alyssa's sweet little class was split this year and she was put in one of the new nun's classes.  She was a little concerned at first when some of her bestest friends were in the other class and she had the new teacher but it didn't even seem to bother her when we arrived at the school.  When I picked her up she could not quit talking about her new teacher and her class.  She couldn't wait to go back!  What a relief! 

We are so glad to be back to our normal school routine and schedule.  The summer break is nice, but I am glad to have a little more structure in our lives.  I may not have this same attitude come April or May but right now it is super nice!

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