Friday, April 8, 2011

10 things....

10 things I love about Family Fun Night!

10.  Watching movies like Hannah Montana, Flushed Away, Space Chimps and other movies we would not normally watch together!

9.  Pillows and Blankets in the floor of the living room.

8.  Popcorn, pickles, and a coke can make any childs eye light up!

7.  Sleepy heads carried to bed.

6.  Competition at its best--especially when playing UNO.

5.  One word...Wii!

4.  A clean bedroom before the weekend  (requirement for having FFN).

3.  Moments of quiet when the movie is on.

2.  Watching my husband be silly with his little girl.

1.  Seeing my child having fun with us and knowing that she knows how loved she is!

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