Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Caleb!

A few weeks late but her it goes......Caleb turned 1 and we had a nice celebration with family and friends.  Wew had a circus/carnival theme and had hotdogs and cupcakes.  It was a lot of fun and Caleb enjoyed walking around and just beign outside.  Of course his party was on one of the hottest days we had seen in the middle of the afternoon, but we all survived!

Caleb is now saying mama (or ma), dada (or da), and believe it or not sister!  He is walking or should I say running everywhere!!!  He now weighs 25.5lbs and is in the 86% for weight but he is also in the 93% for height!  Since his birthday he is now on regular milk and transitioning well.  He loves to have his cuppy with juice and now milk.  He will carry it around with him all day long if you let him.  He is still not the best sleeper but he is getting better.  He now dances when he hears music and points to the things and blows kisses.  He is still a very cuddly little boy.  He giggles and laughs at his big sister.  I swear his smile will melt hearts!

I can't believe he has been with us a whole year....and what a great and trying year it has been!  I can't imagine life without him!!